About Me

Hello, Im Molly. Now, if you missed my lovely intro post, then you are probably a little bit confused.

Lucky for you, I’ve given you this extremely convenient ‘about me’ section. It’s right at the top, so you just really can’t miss it. Well obviously you haven’t missed it because you’re reading this currently, but really I couldn’t leave finding this section up to the mass majority of those who use the internet because collectively their IQ is lower than the calorie count of celery sticks.

Enough about you, let’s talk about me.

I’m not gay.

WOOOOAH, I know that one came as a shocker so you should really take a minute to process it. Don’t worry, the elevated heart rate is normal and it will even out soon enough.

Are you feeling better yet?

Good. I’m glad. Well, I’m not gay. However, my lovely loophole that allows me to write a blog such as this one is that I have lesbian mothers. And a father. Oh and another mother.

Really, it’s a little too complicated to explain here, especially since that handy link earlier in the post contains all you need to know about my unique family and even photographic evidence for you nosey nancies.

If you don’t feel like jaunting over to that link, then here it is in the simplest terms; I’m a college student and I’m blogging to defend the new family dynamic that I am a part of.

It’s lovely to meet you. Welcome to my blog.


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