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Another Video

Just thought I would post this for you all. It’s a little video I made about some current discussion surrounding same-sex parenting, marriage, etc. Hope you enjoy! Advertisements

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New Jersey Equality: Two Interpretations

It seems to me that there are (at least) two interpretations when it comes to marriage equality and I have recently found an exemplary example (with impressive alliteration, might I add) simply within the state of New Jersey. One interpretation … Continue reading

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A video to make my point

I made this video for my class. I hope you enjoy it and maybe that it will help you see more clearly that gay parenting does not negatively effect children. Or maybe it will just make you smile. Either way, … Continue reading

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The Conservatives Are Coming!

The presidential race of 2012 looks like it will be mimicking the latest runway styles by bringing back the oh so popular wedge. No, I’m not talking about shoes like this one with a wedged heel, rather I’m talking about … Continue reading

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