New Geography of Same-Sex Couples

Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau released data ranking cities with the highest population of same-sex couples. Now, my first guess would naturally place San Francisco at the top of this list, and I would have been right…21 years ago.

Number 1 this year was awarded to Provincetown, Mass., at the tip of Cape Cod. This was surprising to me, but the dispersal of gay couples from traditional safe havens to more far-flung locations, reflects a positive trend in the community.

According to demographer Gary Gates, as quoted in the NY Times, the reason for this trend is the “growing influence of baby boomers, who became adults in the 1960s and 1970s, when the social stigma was starting to ease, and are more willing than previous generations to stand up and be counted.”

There is unease surrounding this survey, however, as it did not take into account any single members of the gay community, while others doubt its accuracy based on how little-known some of the highly ranked small towns were. The Census Bureau is still working out the kinks, however, as last year was only the third time the survey included same-sex couples.

In general, I think that it is positive to see more same-sex couples living farther from their comfort zones. In the end, a positive attitude towards homosexuality spreading throughout the United States can never be a bad thing.


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