Back in Action

My dear followers,

As I’m sure you have noticed, I have taken a short vacation from my blog. This small break from my usual schedule was due to a little known phenomenon called “summer vacation.” It may be new to some of you, however I am a busy college student and, like other students, appreciate deeply the few months we are given once a year to unwind and relax. For me that meant spending more time doing what I love, which unfortunately (or fortunately) meant time away from this little blog.

This time of relaxation is drawing to a close, and as signaled by my posting here at all, I am intent on jumping back into the blogosphere. A lot has happened in the world of gay rights over this short break, and I intend fully on writing about the important events that have occurred.

So heads up, internet! Thatgayfamily is back.


About mshifrin

Fresh Bachelors in my hand, the world's an open book. Time to explore!
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