A little bit of ‘Gay Education’

Alright, so I may not agree with everything in this video, especially the representation of the little boy as being gay because he’s dressed up as a teletubby and not to mention the wild stereotyping of the ‘butch’ gay woman and good looking gay man, but I do like the scene it sets between those who are very confused about homosexuality and those who know a little bit more, either firsthand or from research. The user who posted this video wasn’t wildly helpful in explaining where it came from, but I’m assuming the link to the 2007 movie For the Bible Tells Me so, means that it’s from that film.

I do particularly enjoy the part that explains that your genes play a far heavier role in determining your sexual orientation than whether you are left or right handed and that society doesn’t punish the left handed. That’s a pretty damn good point!

Disclaimer: I have not checked up on every fact explored in this video but the movie was produced in 2007 so I’m going to assume that the research is correct and at least fairly up to date.

P.s. I do enjoy that the character who seems to have largest gap in his ‘gay education’ is named Christian. I see what you did there, whoever-made-this-video.


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