Anti-bullying = pro gay marriage?

“Homosexual indoctrination.” This one of the terms that an article I recently found uses to describe the way that education is now, apparently, pushing homosexual propaganda on young children.

This article, which can be found through a website run by an organization called “Focus on the Family,” makes the argument that gay activist groups are now pushing homosexuality on children as young as kindergartners by “infiltrating class- rooms under the cover of “anti-bullying” or “safe schools” initiatives.”

I just wanted to cite this article as an example of the idiocy that I see in anti-gay arguments all the time. The argument that this article makes is not based on facts at all, but entirely on opinion, as most anti-gay arguments are.

One of the women resisting the ‘gay agenda’ that she thinks is being pushed on her education system is quoted as saying, “It’s a political agenda being shoved into my school to normalize homosexuality.”

Do you see the underlying opinion that her argument is actually based on? It’s not that she disapproves of a new curriculum in her schools, it’s that she is opposed to homosexuality being portrayed to her children as normal. Without using any kind of facts or statistics actually relevant to this claim, this article is supporting this biased thinking with no evidence to argue it’s supposed truth.

What these parents are lobbying against are certain “special protections” supported by the new anti-bullying laws, which protect categories of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in public schools.

This article sites that these anti-bullying laws are “policies [that] are…used to undermine parental rights and circumvent traditional marriage laws” and are not about protecting the children at all but rather tactics for inserting homosexual curricula into schools.

Think about it. These parents are arguing fervently against protecting children from bullying based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. in order to do what? Do they want bullying to be OK on these terms?

Yes because that’s exactly what they are doing by making these arguments. They are arguing for discrimination so that their children can be sheltered from the big bad monster of homosexuality. They think that bullying should be alright because they want their children to follow in their footsteps and take up their opinions against homosexuality. At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

Another parent quoted in this article sums up the goals of by saying, “There is a huge difference between teaching tolerance, which is by definition being respectful of other people with whom you disagree and saying [the homosexual] lifestyle is to be affirmed and morally praiseworthy.”

These people are advocating for tolerance through intolerance. Now does that sound very logical to you?


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