Not to brag but…I’m a great statistic.

I recently added several links to the handy sidebar on the right side of this page, and I recommend that you look through them. Some are educational, while others are blogs like my own that are about gay rights, parenting, etc.

One of the links is to this article, titled “Why gay parents are good parents” is written by lesbian mother Jennifer Chrisler, the executive director of Family Equality Council, an organization that I have also permanently linked on my sidebar that advocate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents and guardians.

This article is great and argues in a concise manner what I believe are some excellent points in support of gay parenting.

There was one thing in this article, however, that surprised me. It even made me a little cocky if I do say so myself.

I am a statistic, and this article uses me! That’s right, I may be just another college blogger, but an article on CNN’s website used me.

Let me help you with finding the reference. I may or may not turn it into an inspirational poster to hang on my wall.

…The official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, conclude[s] that children raised by lesbian parents do better academically, are more confident than their peers and have fewer behavioral problems.

Guys, they’re talking about me! I mean really, I’m not one to toot my own horn but I’m sitting here and thinking that they are talking about me.

Academics? The results of my midterms would say that I’m doing well above average. Three of the four courses I am taking gave exams. As of today, when the last of the three exams was returned to me, it was concluded that I aced all three. (And the class that this blog is for? I won’t make a big deal, but let’s just say that I got a %100 on that one.)

Confidence? Here too I would say that on average I am more confident than my peers and I believe that is a direct result of my mothers’ influence. All three of them, and my dad if we’re taking him into consideration, raised me from an early age to believe that, and allow me to speak religiously, I am god’s gift to earth. Really, would I be making this kind of blog post if I didn’t think my s*** smelled like roses?

Behavioral problems? This one might just take me down a notch. I was kind of a brat for, oh I don’t know, my first thirteen years of life I’d say. But I wouldn’t call that a behavioral problem per se, it was really more a part of my personality that just needed to be expressed. Ask my teachers, or the members of the equestrian team that I am Vice President and next year’s President for, but I think that they will tell you I behave quite maturely for my age. Besides the potty humor that is, but who doesn’t love a good old poop joke?

In all seriousness, this article refers to cold, hard statistics, and statistics don’t lie. Children raised by gay parents have not been found to have negative side effects from the sexual orientation of their parents.

In fact, the American Psychological Association cites it’s findings in this journal.

“Not a single study has found children of gay or lesbian parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents. Indeed, the evidence to date suggests that home environments provided by gay and lesbian parents are as likely as those provided by heterosexual parents to support and enable children’s psychosocial growth.”

There you have it. In the words of Jennifer Chrisler, “good parents are good parents, no matter their sexual orientation.”


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