What do we want? Equality!

While thinking about what this blog really stands for, I found myself researching marriage equality.

I believe that this issue is absolutely central to the gay rights and family movements. To me, it’s incredibly personal. My mom and Mary’s relationship has represented to me for more than ten years what a marriage truly is and how it should work. As I said in my last post, my first experience of marriage, that between my mom and my dad, didn’t work out as the best example for me. However, both marriages that have been in my life since my parents’ divorce have given me a wonderful basis for what marriage should be.

But to many states and legislatures, the relationship between my mom and Mary cannot even be compared to my dad’s current marriage, though to me they are quite obviously equal. Particularly in my situation in which the similarity of the two relationships is easy to see, the inequality is brazenly unjust. For the simple fact that my mother chose to be with a woman for the rest of her life, the state will not recognize their relationship, a relationship that has withstood more than many marriages.

The basis on which my mothers are being denied the rights and responsibilities of legal marriage is entirely based on their sexual orientation and that is simply unconstitutional and frankly in my opinion downright ridiculous. Our country has finally come to the decision that just as making judgments based on race, nationality, sex, etc. is wrong, making judgments based on sexual orientation is considered in the same way.

And yet still the majority of our nation has judged and is judging the rights that couples deserve based on their sexual orientation. To me, it’s as glaring an injustice as if slavery were still practiced in our country today.

However, this injustice is slowly but surely being reformed, as were the injustices of racism, sexism, etc. in our history.

Just this past January, Illinois made a huge step forwards by signing legislation that legalized civil unions, giving gay couples of the state the chance to take on most of the state-level rights and responsibilities of marriage.

I believe that change is coming, but I also know that it will not happen on it’s own. To learn more, visit http://www.marriageequality.org/ and stand up for marriage equality.


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